Stand Atlantic: live at the Tivoli

2 July 2022 – The Tivoli Brisbane – words and pictures by Luci Scott

Playing their last Brisbane show in early 2019 and having their 2021 tour cancelled due to covid; it feels like a lifetime ago since we last saw Stand Atlantic here. With both Stand Atlantic and With Confidence coming straight off the back of the huge North American ‘F.E.A.R.’ tour, the Sydney Pop-Punk powerhouse that is Stand Atlantic were beyond excited to bring this tour cycle home.Having released their two albums (Pink Elephant and F.E.A.R.) since their last time here, it was no surprise that the crowd at The Tivoli were very eager for the night to begin on Saturday with the line outside stretching down the road an hour before the show even began.

Sometimes you see an opening band and you’re standing there wishing it was 10pm already and other times you have a band like The Sunday Estate who on their very first interstate show absolutely kill it and manage to get a packed Tivoli moving around to their beachy indie rock vibes. This Sydney based band undeniably blew me out of the park – I was not expecting them to be so engaging and charismatic but then again, we haven’t seen The Sunday Estate here before. I’m sure they would be more than welcomed back with open arms by anyone who attended Saturday night’s show. The Sunday Estate were very engaging with the crowd and even did a shoey…because are you really an Australian band on your first interstate tour if you don’t do a shoey? 

Moving on with the night, alt-punk rockers Bakers Eddy came out swinging as the night’s second act. I don’t think there was a single song they played that I didn’t see the whole band smiling from ear to ear; this happy go lucky band were a fantastic addition to this tour and had a very similar vibe to The Sunday Estate. These boys originally hailing from across the Tasman are currently based in Melbourne and killing it! They released an album earlier this year and if their live show is anything to go off, their sound is something you can easily drive to on a hot summer’s day.

After Bakers Eddy finished off there was a sense of excitement in the air. It’s been a hot minute since With Confidence played in Brisbane, after playing twice in 2019, we haven’t seen them since before these much-loved boys released their self-titled album. With Confidence always put on an amazing show and hearing some of their new songs live finally was great. Their newer songs, ‘Big Cat Judgement Day’, ‘Paper’ and ‘What You Make It’ sounded huge, but the crowd really seemed to prefer their older stuff which, as they usually do, these boys provided. Their set was a real mix of old, new and everything in between with songs coming from all over the place. They even squeezed in their very much crowed loved B-sides track ‘Here for Nothing’ and two of their very old beloved songs, ‘Godzilla’, and ‘London Lights’; both of which the crowd went crazy for. These boys slowed down their set for their songs ‘Paquerette (without me)’, ‘Long Night and Paper’ – but the crowd amped it up for their songs ‘Voldemort’ and ‘Archers’ with lots of crowd surfing and movement in what was a very placid show only 20 minutes prior.

Before Stand Atlantic even stepped foot on the stage they had the crowd going crazy. After waiting to see them for so long who can blame them; giving the audience a 10-minute warning, then a 7-minute, 5-minute and 3-minute warnings, with each one, the cheering grew louder and louder with anticipation. 

As soon as the crowd caught a glimpse of Jonno (Stand Atlantic’s drummer) the cheers erupted, David (Guitarist) and Miki (Bassist) ran out promptly playing the beginning of Stand Atlantic’s hit song ‘Doomsday’ and as the crowd was already bouncing along, out came Bonnie, glitter over her face and signature beanie on her head.  From this very first song, the feeling in The Tivoli was electric, with over 1000 in attendance, this was a show to remember for all the right reasons. 

Stand Atlantic’s set was a great mix of their old and new material; and at a whopping 19 songs long everyone sure got a good show. I don’t think I have been to a show that had such a long set in a very long time, with most bands nowadays capping their sets at 45 minutes, Stand Atlantic did their own thing and played for over a hour and the crowd was so ecstatic with this. There was no point in the set where the crowd seemed disinterested or unimpressed, and this once small local band turned pop punk powerhouse really kept the audience on their toes. 

After what already seemed like a full set, Stand Atlantic slowed things down for 2 songs. Bonnie ran up to the balcony and performed ‘Toothpick’ from their album Skinny Dipping, while everyone upstairs and downstairs had their arms around each other in a very touching moment continued by their song ‘Drink to Drown’ once Bonnie got back down to the stage.

Getting right back into party mode with the song ‘Lavender Bones’, the party didn’t stop for the rest of the set with another 5 songs including crowd favourites ‘Deathwish’, ‘Hate Me(sometimes)’ and ‘Molotov[OK]’, the remainder of Stand Atlantic’s show was pure energy. Everywhere I looked during these last 5 songs people were either jumping, dancing, singing to each other or just having a blast of a time. The movement in the crowd was even more evident post show seeing how many happy faces were coming out dripping in sweat on one of the colder nights this winter.

Stand Atlantic put on such a phenomenal show and the entire line-up for this tour was a perfect choice.

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