16 July 2022 – The Princess Theatre Brisbane – words and pictures by Bec Harbour

The old showbiz adage: never work with kids or animals is a giant load of codswallop. When I was invited to cover the Regurgitator Pogogo show at the Princess Theatre on the weekend, I was intrigued by the prospect.

The kids were mostly pre-school to primary school aged with parents in tow and were probably the best behaved and politest audience I have ever worked with (shout out to the little boy who kept letting me know he couldn’t see and wanting me to lift him up – sorry little dude).

For those that don’t know, Regurgitator’s Pogogo show is a reimagining of Regurgitator songs as kids songs (I Sucked A Lot Of Lollipops To Get where I Am) as well as a few other well-known rock staples retooled for kids (Black Sabbath’s Paranoid tracking something about a lost teddy bear?). A lot of Regurgitator’s songs are pretty fun, take the naughty words out and you are set (Black Bugs reshaped into a song about playing video games without the dark undertones).

Beginning with the Larrikin Puppet show, kids flocked to the front, standing on tippy toes to try to get a good look at some furry and very silly monsters who kept getting lost, being sad because they want to be unicorns and discussing dancing (like a unicorn of course – the best kind of dancing!).

There was a little interlude then on came Regurgitator, first with Pete trying to work out his drums and the kids were jumping up and down with delight (I wonder how many went home and told their parents, they wanted to learn the drums?) then Ben, Koko and Quan joined shortly after.

There’s a whole pile of slapstick, probably a bit of Monty Python silliness and some great entertainment thrown into this show, we learnt that Quan has so many birthdays that he is probably over 100 by now, Ben told us that ‘farting is a natural part of life…’ and that cardboard boxes and pillow fights are really very good fun.

Regurgitator’s Pogogo show is absolutely as much a good time for the mums and dads who knew the reworked songs, and sang and danced with their kids. Despite feeling like an overgrown 5’2″ giant, it was the best time, kids coming up to me and asking about my cameras and asking if they were going to be “on TV” or if they could have a look at the photos. For parents that are weary of the traditional kids shows and are looking for something that they can enjoy as well, they should definitely try Regurgitator’s Pogogo.

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